Tuberville Puts Foot Down On Off Field Issues

Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville wasted little time Tuesday during his press luncheon to address the issues his team has had off the field this season.

“I will make a statement about the problems that we have been having on our football team,” started Tuberville. “I’ll be the first one to tell you, we do have problems. We do have mentoring program, a training program for our kids, we talk to them, but unlike everybody else I’m fed up with it.

“We’re not going to have it anymore if they’re going to be on this football team. But, I’m a guy who gives a lot of second chances, but sometimes you have to put your foot down and say there’s no more. There are players that come to this room every day, represent this football team, this University and this city the right way and I’m not going to have it.

“I’ve had problems at other schools, and everybody’s had problems, but when you have a sequence of problems then it gets underneath your skin, everybody’s, mine included. I don’t want to come in here on Sundays and look at these guys in the face when 99% of them do everything right, and I’m screaming at the choir about “we’re not going to do this anymore.”

“Bottom line, no more second chances. I owe it to the city, this University, and this football team to put kids on the field who will do what we ask them to do. We’re going to do that. We have a life skills director, which is very important. We have resumes on my desk; we’re going to hire another life skills director. We are going to implement additional programs, get pro players to come in and talk. But, it’s usually more effective if you bring kids in like your former players, to talk and say I went through all of that.

“Sometimes you have too much fun. We’ll already have a program put in place, but will keep adding to it because it’s our job to educate these kids on and off the field, how to handle themselves. We’ve got a lot of 18-19 year olds here who have 15-year old brains and maturity. And when you have that they make stupid decisions. I’ve had enough of it. And I’m sure everyone else has too. I want to read about the good things that the good guys in here do a 100% of the time, rather than the bad things a small part of the time. That’s not good for athletics, their families, themselves, or again all the other guys on here.

“We owe it to the good guys in here to do it right. Bottom line, no more second chances.

“Don’t get your name in the paper; don’t get in a confrontation with the police because I am on the police’s side. It’s hard every day to get up and put that uniform on if you’re a city policeman in Cincinnati, or a campus policeman. I’m on their side. If they are confronted with our players, I’m on the side of the policemen because that’s the way it should be. And our players know that, they understand it, and for some reason some of them aren’t listening. But we got their attention this week, so we’ll see what happens but we’ll continue to be educators, that’s what we are, to make sure these guys understand the consequences and how to overcome problems because we don’t just kick people to the streets. But I think most of them understand now that this is a serious situation of every week something happening and I’m getting phone calls. They know now the consequences is, don’t call me, I’ll call you, when they have a problem because I am on the police department’s side and I back them 100%.”

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