Luc Not Saying Goodbye - He'll See You Later

The final game of his Cincinnati career will not be a goodbye for linebacker Jeff Luc. The Florida native has experienced a lot during his football career and knows he’ll be around to see many of the friends he’s made following Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech in the Military Bowl.

After sitting out following his transfer from Florida State, Jeff Luc didn’t think much about his college career coming to an end. However, when he walks off the field following the Bearcats battle with Virginia Tech, Luc knows his journey has been a unique one.

“It’s a lifestyle,” said Luc. “People on the outside looking in just think of football as a game we play and love. However, it’s really about earning your manhood as you learn not only the game of football, but the game of life.

“During your career you are going to be faced with accomplishments and failures and will face adversity that will prepare you for when you see them in life.”

Looking back Luc knows his journey has been fully supported by his family.

“My parents didn’t really introduce me to the game of football because they are from Haiti and their thoughts of football are their game soccer. But when I was about two or three years old, my parents got me a Miami Hurricanes helmet, jersey and pants and everything since has always been clicking with football.

“But they really supported me in what I wanted to do and have decided that all of the accomplishments I’ve achieved from the game have been well worth it.”

Saturday’s final game as a Bearcat does have a different feel and ending than in years past for Luc.

“It’s been five years and it definitely feels different,” he said. “Now I’ve got to see what I’ve got next going one. Usually, I play the bowl game and think about going home for a week or two before coming back. But this time, I’m not sure where I’m going. So this one is a little bit different but it’s coming to a good ending as we won a share of a conference championship and that was big for us.”

What will Luc take away with him following his time at Cincinnati?

“Winning and the relationships I’ve built with all the people here,” he said. “I’ll think about all the help the coaches gave me by sitting down with me and getting everything ready for game week. I’ll also think about what the university provided me by giving me great academics and the opportunity to network with so many different people.”

Luc stresses his final game is not his goodbye to those who have watched him or gotten to know him over his time in the Queen City.

“This is not so much a goodbye,” he said. “As I tell everyone, I’ll see you later. Some of the guys have come up and told me how much they are going to miss me. But I stress to them we’re not done yet and that even when I’m done playing here, I’m still going to be part of this. So Saturday’s not about saying goodbye.”

Why is it important for Luc to leave with one final win?

“You always want to go out with a bang,” he said. “This would be good for the program. Plus, it will get the team off to a good start in the spring as winners. Also, the head coach will be happy with them next year.”

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