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One-on-One Cincinnati RB Tion Green

Coming off a big game in Week One of the season against Alabama A&M has Cincinnati running back Tion Green working to stay focused on the small details to have success. Green spoke with Bearcat Insider in this one-on-one chat about staying focused.

Bearcat Insider: Coming off a performance where you had 17 carries for 128 yds and one touchdown, what are your keys for a duplicate performance against Temple this week?

Tion Green:  I give all the praise and glory to my offensive line first of all. Those guys creating holes for me to be able to run the football because you know at this level everybody can run the ball and I give it up to Coach (Eddie) Gran on the gameplan putting me in a position to be successful and I would say that’s the same thing to duplicate this week just gameplan, be consistent and everybody doing the same thing we did last week.

Bearcat Insider: Your offense put up 52 points against Alabama A&M last week. What do you think is the biggest key for the offense to have a repeat performance against Temple in Week Two?

Tion Green: Consistency and most importantly doing the little things. The basic, throw and catches the easy routes the checkdowns the curls the comebacks and the basic running plays. Doing the easy things right.

Bearcat Insider: Temple tallied up 10 sacks last week against Penn State and obviously one of the main things that nullifies a pass rush is being able to run the football. What do you think is the biggest impact you and the other running backs can have on this game against Temple?

Tion Green: I would say doing your assignment and technique when you run the ball. Two hands on the ball. It’s a very physical defense. Basically their whole defense is coming back and just being consistent being sharp in pass protection just being consistent same thing as last week. Just our protection our progression and getting in the film room and studying our opponent.

Bearcat Insider: So for you, what has been the biggest improvement you felt like you've made as a football player to take your game to the next level?

Tion Green: Honestly, just being consistent. Sometimes last year I knew my flaws and don’t think I’ve been consistent enough throughout my years being a Bearcat. I just gotta do everything on a consistent level. I just want to focus on being consistent. I’m not going to think about next week as I'm just focused on everything I can control now. Which is my attitude and effort. I just want to be consistent whether that’s my dieting, me running the ball and my pass protection. Along with not thinking about making a big run every play. I think right now, I am more patient and just let everything develop as I trust my technique and what I learn throughout the week and it all plays itself out.

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