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Andrew Gantz On Importance Of Special Teams

How much importance has Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville placed on special teams? Bearcat Insider spoke with Bearcats kicker Andrew Gantz about the subject as the Bearcats get ready for a big match-up with Temple on Saturday night in Nippert Stadium.

Bearcat Insider: What do you think the teams performance was as a whole last week and what do you think you need to improve on going into Week Two against Temple?

Andrew Gantz: I think the first game of the season we were a little shaky going out there trying to get the first game jitters out of the way. But overall, I think special teams did a phenomenal job. I think we pinned them inside the 20 yard line on eight out of nine kickoffs which is really good. We were 100% on extra points and 100% on field goals. There are always things to improve on in the punting game. Missed blocks we have to clean that stuff up and get more consistent with everything we are doing basically.

Bearcat Insider: What do you feel you need to improve on personally as far as taking your game to the next level? Most of the time when you are kicking field goals that means youre team is not scoring points. How do you feel you can help this team win football games?

Andrew Gantz: I just think every time I go out there I need to be perfect. That’s what I strive to do every day. It’s just however many oppourtunies you get you have to capitalize on them pretty much and try to get us alot of touchbacks this year and make every one of my field goals and extra points.

Bearcat Insider: What do you think is the key for the special teams unit to have some chemistry because alot of games are won and lost on special teams?

Andrew Gantz: I just think we have to go out there with the same mentality as we do with offense and defense. Every time on special teams these plays are some of the most important plays in the game. Whether it’s a punt getting blocked or a game winning field goal. So just going out there with the mentality of giving it your all on every play and we can be one of the best groups in the country.

Bearcat Insider: How do you feel overall about the way head coach Tommy Tuberville and the coaching staff do as far as the special teams unit? Do you feel like they put a big emphasis on special teams throughout the week in practice?

Andrew Gantz: Coach Tuberville treats special teams as the most important faze of the game and he brought in Coach (Ty) Linder who is one the best special teams coaches in the country and solely has him working on special teams. That right there shows you he cares about special teams. We go out and work special teams everyday of the week just trying to get everything perfect and we saw last year on countless games whether it was a game winning punt or game winning field goal that is what wins games for you. So I’m happy that our coaches care about special teams as much as they do.

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