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Cincinnati wide receiver Alex Chisum is looking to provide more to the Bearcats this season.

Bearcat Insider caught up with Cincinnati Bearcats wide receiver Alex Chisum to discuss the loss against Temple, mistakes and playing for the Victory Bell.

BEARCAT INSIDER: What’s your assessment of your team's offense in the game against Temple on Saturday?

ALEX CHISUM: I like the way we fought towards the end.  For us to have that many turnovers and to get that close, we shouldn’t even been in that game.  So I like the fight we showed but after that game it shows we can get open and make plays we just can’t make those mistakes.

BEARCAT INSIDER: Tell me how frustrating it was to basically dominate the stat sheet gaining over 500 yards of offense but having to settle for field goals and not producing TDs in the redzone?

ALEX CHISUM:  Very frustrating... like Coach (Tommy) Tuberville says, no team can beat us but ourselves.  So for us to put up those numbers and look at that scoreboard to see those stats, that game should have been a different outcome but the turnovers really killed us.

BEARCAT INSIDER:  For you personally, what are some things you need to improve on as a receiver for this football team?

ALEX CHISUM:  Just making more plays for my team.  Putting my team in better positions to be successful and just being more of a leader out there on the field.

BEARCAT INSIDER: Going up against Miami Ohio this week.  Talk about the excitement playing in a rivalry game against the Redhawks right up the road in Oxford.  You guys have won the last 9 games?

Alex Chisum :  O yeah it’s exciting.  I’ve been playing in this rivalry game for the last 5 years now and since I got here, it’s always been instilled in us that the team up the road, they always say there better then us.  Couple guys who couldn’t come here went there instead, So for some reason no matter how their team is looking that year, whether they look bad or good they always give us a good fight.  So hopefully we can extend that Victory Bell.  But they actually are beating us overall record wise vs one another, so it will be good to get some wins back.

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