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Cincinnati senior defensive back Adrian Witty knows what the Bearcats much improve on going forward.

Coming off a tough loss in conference play opened the eyes of the Bearcats as they get ready to play Miami Ohio to keep the Victory Bell in Clifton. Senior defensive back Adrian Witty knows what the Bearcats must do this week and going forward.

BEARCAT INSIDER: Overall how do you feel the defense did against Temple on Saturday?

ADRIAN WITTY:  We played pretty well but we gave up a couple big plays.  Part of the game is a lot of adversity and for the most part we played pretty well just those few big plays cost us the game.

BEARCAT INSIDER: Temple was able to run the football with some success on Saturday.  What are some things defensively you feel like the defense need to improve going up against Miami Ohio this week?

ADRIAN WITTY: They just had some big plays that they caught us in bad coverage one time and it comes down to our tackling has to improve in that area which is a big point of emphasis for us moving forward.

BEARCAT INSIDER:  In the first half against Temple Saturday defensively you held them to only 117 yards at half.  It seems like in the 3rd quarter you guys wore down since the offense wasn’t putting up points. Do you feel like it was on the defense to win the game?

ADRIAN WITTY: Regardless if the offense does well or makes mistakes it’s still on us as a defense to hold the opponent from scoring. It got to a point where the defense played for a while.  It’s a wear down thing but we still have to go out there execute, do our job and try to keep the other team from scoring. Like I always tell the defense, they don’t score they don’t win.

BEARCAT INSIDER: Going up against Miami Ohio this week talk about the excitement playing in a rivalry game right up the road in Oxford?

ADRIAN WITTY:  It’s been a long time rivalry before me of course, but I haven’t lost to them since I’ve been here and I’m not planning on it this week.  It’s an exciting game they are going to come out and play us hard but if we go in there with a chip on our shoulder like we got something to prove every week, we will make a statement.

BEARCAT INSIDER: For you personally Adrien, what is something that you want to improve on taking your game to the next level to help the Bearcats win football games this season?

Adrian Witty : My knowledge of the game. I want to continue to improve on that. It helps me seeing things on the field before it happens like last year. I had a little slump and I was able to see it from a different view and it helped me a lot and I’m taking advantage of it now. 

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