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Mick Cronin scrimmage post game

Bearcats coach Mick Cronin breaks down Red & Black scrimmage performance. Highlights guard Justin Jenifer's impact, the improvement from forward Shaq Thomas and center Coreontae DeBerry's weight loss.

After the Bearcats red & black scrimmage we were able to catch up with head coach Mick Cronin and this is what he had to say about this team's performance Saturday.

Cronin on freshman point guard Justin Jenifer:

"The thing about Justin is that he's a confident player, so for a freshman. One thing I learned about recruiting city guards whether it was Kenny Satterfield years ago, Justin Jenifer from a great basketball city like Baltimore. Justin was the number one ranked player as a seventh grader, so he's not afraid the stage doesn't faze him at all. His thumb is bothering him, but he play through it today. So, what you saw today we saw in recruiting and I think that what happens when you get a little bit older your ranking goes down because you quit growing, he's so small, no substitute for quickness."

Cronin on team talk:

We are trying to embrace the assist, that's our big thing. Higher assists, fever turnovers, if we share the ball we are going to be fine. If anything last year we were so new, so young it was hard to get people in the right spot. Our three freshman are very cerebral players we play offense like a veteran team so that allows us do more early, we just got to make sure we share the ball and we will be fine."

"You know I watched the film, the red team missed a lot of open shots early and that's really the only reason they were down because they weren't turning the ball over. Obviously as a coach I'm going to think our defense on the ball has to be a little bit better. For the most part I was happy with pretty much everything except I think we have to do a better job at getting Cory and Octavius more low post touches."

Cronin on health:

"I'm happy for everyday I have when I'm healthy, when you go through what I went through I'm much more in tune with what other people and you feel for them, I just appreciate being healthy and it's great to be back out here I don't take anything for granted and I'm looking forward for tomorrow's practice."

Cronin on Coreontae DeBerry:

"Corey is in better shape he's 260 lbs instead of 290 lbs we just have to get him the ball down low more, his shot blocking, his mobility is much better. I think you are going to see a guy who is going to impact our entire season where he did it in spurts last year."

Cronin on Shaq Thomas:

"Shaq has put in the work, he hears that clock ticking and he's never been as focus as he is right now."

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