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Shaq Thomas gives us his thoughts after red & black scrimmage

Shaq Thomas gives us his expectations heading into the season for the team and himself after the red & black scrimmage on Saturday.

Shaq Thomas had 15 points on 6 of 15 from the field (1 three pointer), 3 blocked shots and a key free throw in the free throw shootout for the black team. His team lost after a 51-51 in the free throw shootout 55-54, but the talked to us about his off season and expectations.

Shaquille Thomas on getting back on the court Saturday:

"It felt real good to get back out there and actually playing with referees with the new rules and stuff it was just a fun time and it was the first time the fans seen us since the last game so it was a good experience."

"It's always fun to go out there in compete it's like that everyday in practice, we go out hard and complete every day, every drill, that's our mindset in every drill and every practice."

"I think we get more out of it, because it's actually real referees out here. It's just a fun experience for us to be out here and playing with referees and the crowd here so it felt like a real game today actually."

Shaq on putting on weight in the off season:

"A lot on my strength I've been working on this offseason I put on 15 pounds so I think it's helping a lot around the basket and taking more contact to the basket and stuff like that."

Shaq on expectations this season:

"Honestly we are just taking it one day at a time and we are trying to get better every day and that's the only thing we are worrying about."


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