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Octavius Ellis talks after red & black scrimmage

Senior center Octavius Ellis shows off nice low post arsenal in red & black scrimmage..

Senior center Octavius Ellis had a great showing during the red & black scrimmage as he had a game high 26 points on 11 of 16 from the field, 2 blocks and made a keep free throw to help his red team secure a free throw shootout victory 55-54 after the game was tied at 51 at the end of regulation.

Octavius Ellis talks getting back on the court:

"It felt good to just come out for this hour in front of our fans it just showed them a little glimpse on what was to come in the next few weeks."

Ellis on being passive in practice:

"In practice I try to find where my teammates are at and today (scrimmage) I just went out there in scored the ball."

Ellis on what parts of his game he wants to approve on this season:

"I think to help us, I need to talk more and get my low post defense down, coach talks about it in practice, I think for the team to get better that will help us out more.

Ellis on going against Kyle Washington and Coreontae DeBerry in practice:

"Me practicing against Corey helps me practice against stronger and bigger guys and practice against Kyle it helps me practice against finesse guys. Kyle is the finesse guy and Corey is the power guy so it's good to work against both types of players."

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