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Gunner Kiel talks after 37-13 win over UConn

Gunner Kiel returned to the starting lineup after missing the last three games to shred the Connecticut Huskies defense for 327 yards in the air and 3 touchdowns total.

Gunner Kiel on how the last few weeks have been:

"For me they have been really tough, getting hurt was defiantly a setback, but Hayden Moore stepped up and played really good and feels really good to be back in the spot in being a captain and our quarterback so it feels really good to come out with huge win with is really good for us."

Kiel talks about being pissed last week:

"Honestly I was, I was very mad. To me I thought I was doing everything right, I competed I had some of the best practices I've ever had and I always have a mindset that god has a plan and so I kept on busting my butt and just believing good things were going to happen and they did."

Kiel on how he felt when he found out he was starting this week:

"It's huge, to finally be back and play is awesome. I live, die for football that's all I ever do, I mean football is my life so whenever I was out it hurt so to finally be back out there is the best feeling ever."

"We found out Thursday."

Kiel on possibly being Wally Pipp'd:

"Sorry, no I always had the mindset that anything could happen, Hayden came in and played really well you can't control that and he came up with a big win against Miami and that was huge for us and I love Hayden we are really good friends he was there for me and I'm going to be there for him, we know that we both want to start and play, but we both want the best for each other."

Kiel on the handling a wet football:

"Honestly I don't mind it, I can throw a ball in any type of weather, I always pride myself on how I can throw the ball pretty well in the rain. Our managers did a good job in rotating out towels and keeping the balls dry and every series they would have a towel ready for me. Hats off to our equipment staff for getting the job done."

Kiel on the Shaq Washington effect:

"Yeah, Shaq is a freak and that goes along with all of our wide receivers, they come up with some big plays all I have to do is throw it up and give them an opportunity I've always said that from day one I got a great group of wideouts that compete and get wins and will do anything to do that."

"Shaq is such a good route runners, he's so quick and agile it makes it hard for defenders to tackle him and see what he's going to do he does some crazy stuff where he just gets open. For the quarterbacks we got to see where he's going to be at and throw him an accurate ball and see what he's going to do with it he's fun to watch."

Kiel on D.J. Dowdy increasing his role:

"Dowdy did that (ask for more targets), with our tight ends they always want the ball in practice I use to throw balls his way in they would hit him right in the chest and he would miss it so asked are going to get the ball to me? I mean we joke around a lot, but I love Dowdy, I love our tight ends and they are coming along strong."


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