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Bearcat Insider went one-on-one with "Hometown Bearcat", Tyrell Gilbert recently about his season and growth as a player.

After a high school career that saw Tyrell Gilbert dominate on the offensive side of the ball, his career as a Cincinnati Bearcat has seen him work to do the same on the defensive side. This season the Hometown Bearcat is showing signs of a bright future and Bearcat Insider caught up with Gilbert to discuss his season and more.

Bearcat Insider is always excited to talk with “Hometown Bearcats” when we get the chance. I recently spoke with Tyrell Gilbert about his season and more.

BEARCAT INSIDER: Defensively you guys held Connecticut to 13 points.  What were the keys to that success Saturday?

Tyrell Gilbert: Alignment and assignment…  It’s something Coach (Steven) Clinkscale’s preached all week.  And by us having a rather young defensive coordinator, if we get lined up and know our assignment every play he feels very comfortable with our athletic ability to go out and make plays against teams and that’s what we did on Saturday.

BEARCAT INSIDER: What are the keys to creating turnovers going up against UCF this week?  You guys are going to want to create some turnovers to get the ball back for the offense, so what are the keys to do that?

Tyrell Gilbert: By not forcing the play and letting the plays come to us.   That’s another thing Coach Clinkscale’s preached to us.   He told us we don’t have to go out and make another players play.  If we do our job, the play will come to you and you will get your time to make a play when it’s time.

BEARCAT INSIDER: UCF is winless, their head coach stepped down this week and most times when a team loses their coach they come out extra motivated.  The Knights are trying to get their first win, what kind of things will motivate you guys this week?

Tyrell Gilbert: We just want to play hard and physical early on.  Come out and do our job not so much worry about what they are going to do and know our assignments. We feel like if we do our job and line up the way we are suppose to then we will be fine.

BEARCAT INSIDER: For you personally Tyrell, what kind of things do you want to do to take your game to the next level to help this team win football games the rest of this season?

Tyrell Gilbert: Just learning the game…  I’m still young and I just switched from offense to defense coming to college.  So just learning the game more, learning signals from the opposing quarterback that he may give the way the receivers may line up just little tips to expand my game.

BEARCAT INSIDER: What realistic expectations do you have for this football team for the rest of the season?

Tyrell Gilbert: Just to win out.   I think that’s what everyone wants to do for these seniors here.  The seniors work extremely hard and I have learned so much from each and every senior whether it’s on offense or defense.  They are real leaders so we just want to win out for the seniors and finish the conference out strong with wins.

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