J.T.’s defensive game balls

BCI is back giving out defensive game balls for the Bearcats latest performance against the Central Florida Knights Saturday afternoon. Let’s check out who the top performers were this week.

On a day where the Bearcats won 52-7 and moved to 2-2 in the American Athletic Conference the defense held the Knights to 313 yards of total offense. They looked dominate on both sides of the ball and took advantage of the winless Knights.

Let’s see who earned a game ball this week.

Game ball number one: Linden Stephens, cornerback- 5 tackles (1 tackle for loss) and 1 interception

If you watched the game on Saturday Stephens was the star of the day. He made a lot of plays and caused a turnover which is something the Bearcats a whole have been doing a lot better at in the recent weeks. Cornerback has been a position that needs to step up so it was good to see Stephens making plays.

Game ball number two: Cortez Broughton, defensive tackle- 1 tackle and 1 pass defensed

I know if you look at Broughton’s stats you will say J.T. what are you talking about, but if you watched the game you saw that he was subject to many double teams and even had a battled ball when facing a double team. For a game that went so right on defense we have to show some love to the guys that play upfront and I felt Cortez held it down for the “big ugly’s”.

Game ball number three: Carter Jacobs, safety- 9 tackles

Well this third ball could’ve gone to Zach Edwards or Tyrell Gilbert, but I wanted to show love to the backup that came in the game and made some plays. On a day where everybody played because of a total dominate performance the guy I noticed flying around like the game was tied at zero was Jacobs. It’s good to see backup secondary members playing solid, that’s a good sign for the defense moving forward.

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