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UC's Troy Caupain speaks after 93-63 win versus Lakers

Troy Caupain spoke to us about a more aggressive Shaq Thomas, the new tempo the Bearcats will play at this season and being able to against somebody besides his teammates. The Bearcats won 93-63 against the Lakers on Tuesday night.

Troy speaks on the pace of the game:

“It was a very fast pace game, we have a lot of options to make plays and not just count on one person so if you move the ball from side to side you can get the defense moving and you attack whenever you feel you can.”

“Just trying to draw the defense in, the game is moving fast so you are thinking a lot more, but you just make the easy pass, the easiest pass is the best play so instead of going into three people if I see somebody on the wing I just pass it ahead and let them attack, pass it out and get it back and make a play from there.”

Troy speaks on the more aggressive Shaq Thomas:

“It’s still the same Shaq, but he’s always good for catching it on the break and get downhill. Now he’s looking to get downhill and be alert to make the pass. Quotes Coach Cronin the best pass is the best shooter... (He and Farad laugh because they both think they mess the quote up).”

Troy talks second half defense:

“It’s just certain things we need to work on like pick-n-roll defense from the bigs and the guards how we want to play it, what’s the defense scheme for it. We need to watch the film on it and break it down.”

Troy talks about getting to face somebody other than his teammates:

“We have been playing against each other since June it felt good to get at a new five to see how we operate. We all on the same team so it was good not just play red versus black in practice and take it out to the court and play somebody else.”


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