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UC's Farad Cobb talks about peremeter play after 93-63 win against Lakers

Senior guard Farad Cobb spared a few minutes of his time after the Bearcats beat down the Lakers at Fifth Third Arena 93-63 on a nice Tuesday night in Cincinnati.

Senior combo guard Farad Cobb had a great game against the Grand Valley State Lakers. Cobb finished the game with 15 points, 1 assists and 2 steals. He scored his 15 points on 4 of 6 shooting, 3 of 4 from three and 4 of 4 at the free throw line. Very solid stat like for an exhibition game where the team is tinkering with new things.

Check out what he had to say after the game.

Farad talks about Coach Cronin wanting more production from the perimeter:

Over the summer we worked a lot on being ready to shoot and when off the ball we are stepping into our shot off the pass. I think all of got better at penetrating and looking for the open guy as well, that was pretty much was he were doing tonight.”

Farad talks about hot shooting first half allowing more driving lanes in the second:

Yeah, defiantly we got a couple to go early and they were spreading out to the shooters and it opened up some lanes guys were able to penetrate and get some guys open for lay ups.

Farad on returning a lot the majority of its team:

“We got a whole year of experience under us. Last year we were all kind of learning because the returning players besides Troy really didn’t play as much and we had seven new guys. This year we just are a lot more confident because we kind of know we are doing so it just comes easier with experience.”

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