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Farad Cobb and Gary Clark talks after 97-72 win against Western Carolina

Senior guard Farad Cobb and sophomore forward Gary Clark spoke to the media after an impressive 97-72 win over the Western Carolina Catamounts on Friday evening at Fifth Third Arena.

Gary Clark on aggression tonight:

“Coach is always yelling at me asking me if I’m going to be the nice guy or the angry and aggressive guy. So tonight I really tried to get into position, get easier shots trust my jump shot when I was open. I really want to thank my teammates for looking for me once they saw me going. Corey got me a couple of nice drop off passes and the guards fed it to me. I kind of did my thing when didn’t anybody come trap.”

 Clark on face up jumper:

“The one in the exhibition game felt good, I wish you could’ve seen the smile on face when I was running back down court. Laughs..”

Farad Cobb talking about the offense as a whole:

“I would say early on our offense is ahead of our defense because over the course of the summer that’s basically what we focused on most. We have to catch up on the defensive end, because that’s what it’s going to come down to later in the year.”

Cobb on concerns about defense:

“We aren’t really concerned we just know we have to work on it a little bit more and do a better boxing out getting to the glass. Some of our rotations our a little late, but once we tune that up we will be good.”

Cobb on Coach Cronin’s glasses:

“He worn ‘em a couple of times, he warned us before he pulled them out he was like I’mma have to wear my glasses tonight guys, you they are pretty cool, so be on the lookout for them. Yeah I like ‘em. Swaggy C.”

Clark on adjusting to the faster pace:

“Coach you can hear him on the sideline first 2 exhibition games saying keep going, keep running we will get you to build your endurance. First couple of times I’m fine, but a turnover a missed shot, but I’m adjusting better than I thought I would.”

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