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Mick Cronin talks to media after 97-72 win versus Western Carolina Catamounts

Head coach Mick Cronin talked to the media after a high powered win against the Western Carolina Catamounts Friday evening. He talked about scoring 97 points, adjusting to different teams and the possible redshirt of freshman Tre Scott.

Mick Cronin talks about size difference:

“Obviously we had them a little out manned tonight from a size stand point it showed we had 54 points in the paint. At times we tried to complicate things too much early all we had to do was throw it inside turn around and score.  Once we started doing that we got the separation we needed. Two different games, in the first half they really tried to run their offense which was somewhat of a stall tactic they were burning clock and would try to attack us late in the shot clock that’s why the score was lower in the first half. In the second half they just let it fly they got hot and made some wild shot which kept it entertaining for the fans. Our inside game was just too dominate for them tonight.”

Cronin talks about high scoring output:

“I want to see at least four to six guys hit double figures would be my preference. Teams are going to defend you different ways. We are going to see a two three zone on Sunday against Robert Morris. So some games you are going to score more inside than outside, but the luxury we have we can do both. Our guys are older, they are better players. Both of our freshman are going to help us a lot you can see Justin and Jacob are going to help us a lot. You can see they both have talent especially on the offensive end. I know we aren’t going to score 97 a night, I’d like to we have multiple guys who can put the ball in the basket.”

Cronin talks possible Tre Scott redshirt:

“Right now it’s looking like that. He’s leaning towards that, we don’t offer that to everybody I’m really high on Tre Scott. This guy is going to be a really good player, he’s a guy that’s going to be a captain of our team and will leave here with two degrees that’s  the type of student he is. It’s just hard to get him in the game right now. It’s hard to get 10 in and even harder to get 11 in. I sit around and think what if I would’ve redshirted Justin Jackson. He played at time his freshman year, but what if I would’ve redshirted him? He probably would’ve been preseason AAC player of the year if I would’ve redshirted him. He would’ve at least been first time all AAC in the preseason. It would’ve given him a better chance for his future probably, it just would’ve been better all around. I just don’t like to waste a year on a guy that I think is a great kid and a great player.”


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