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Mouhon, Moore and Boone talked to the media after becoming bowl eligible

Senior defensive end Silverberry Mouhon, senior wide receiver Chris Moore and sophomore running back Mike Boone talked to the media about senior day and holding the ship together.

Chris Moore on how bad he wanted to break all time touchdown receptions record:

“I really wanted to get the record really bad, but I’m always here to do whatever the team needs and I still got a couple more weeks to break it I just look forward to helping my team win anyway I can.”

Silverberry Mouhon on motivating guys to play on a night like senior night:

“Yeah because everybody remembers their first game at Nippert it was a humbling experience to go out with a win and all glory goes to God he helped us get to where we need to be and to the seniors we try to keep our heads up and hold each other accountable and it helped us get a win tonight.”

Mouhon on extra pep in step on a night like senior night:

“It’s all God you know he put something in me today to have fun it’s the last home game so all glory goes to him I’m just very blessed to play with all these guys one last time here at home.”

Mouhon on finally being healthy for the first time this season:

“I’m just at the point where I just got to deal with the injuries at the end of the season it’s going to take care of itself just trying to be healthy as I can staying in the training room throughout the week and just being able to help the team when I can.”

Mike Boone on feeling healthy:

“Yeah I’m back at 100%. I just stayed in the training room every day going through therapy and did everything they asked just trying to make sure I don’t miss anymore games.”

Boone on running for three touchdowns:

“I just give all the credit to the offensive line they open the holes and as a running back we do as we are coached to do.”

Moore on importance finishing the season strong as a senior:

“Every game we have we are here to leave our mark as seniors. So it’s really important to finish strong and we just want to make sure people know this is one of the best senior classes to come out of Cincinnati and we just play every game to leave our mark and let people know we did good things while we were here.”

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