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Tommy Tuberville talked to the media after big 49-38 victory over Tulsa

Cincinnati Bearcats head coach Tommy Tuberville spoke on big win senior day and hopes on finishing the season strong on the road.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville’s opening statement:

“First of I’m proud of the seniors, it’s their last time here at Nippert. In my understanding they have been a bowl game every year right Koz (Ryan Koslen SID). It was very important we got this one here knowing we got two tough games on the road. Proud of how the entire team played we had a mash unit on defense tonight we had ‘em going down left and right. We had corners out there that weren’t even dressing at the beginning of the year and had one guy that was playing receiver three weeks ago starting at corner. So it was good to see us make some plays, we weren’t going to shut this team down. They have a very good football team they throw it well, they run it well very similar to us. They took advantage of some of the height out at the outside receiver, but we just happened to make a few more plays than they did. Gunner played well at times he got the ball to the right spot. Early in the game we were able to rush the ball because he got us into right running play which was the most important thing in the first half we were able to control the ball a little bit. Tough game they got a good football team I was very impressed and our players were very impressed with Tulsa being their first year in the league. We got that win now we can relax a little bit and try to get some guys healthy and get ready play a South , Florida team that just beat a real good Temple team. So it will be a tough road game.”

Tuberville talking about Tulsa’s pace:

“They did go as fast tonight as I thought they would because they subbed a little bit more, but they do a good job that’s Baylor’s offense that’s what you see in the Big 12 every week. It’s very tough the thing you have to do is have a lot of depth of defense we started out playing 17-18 guys but guys got hurt and we were really scrambling starting the second half. I was really proud on how the guys that went in played, they hadn’t played much this year. You just try to slow that offense down you aren’t going to stop them just slow it down and hope that you can run the ball on offense and run some of the clock out we had to two minutes more than they did and that was one of our goals to have it more than them, because when they get it they are explosive they try to go deep down the field like you saw tonight we saw more deep balls total than we’ve seen the last few games combined.”

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