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Cincinnati Bearcats men's basketball coach Mick Cronin frustrated after team's first loss to Butler.

Cincinnati Bearcats mens's basketball coach Mick Cronin did not hide his frustration following the Bearcats buzzer beater loss to Butler on Wednesday night.

Mick Cronin Opening Statement:

“Obviously a hard fought game so there a lot of things we did well, but for 10 years I been here the same thing Cincinnati they have to score more all I know is you defend, rebound and take care of the basketball you win 75% of the games.”

Tonight we didn’t defend, got out rebounded on the offensive glass and didn’t take care of the ball. I would be saying this if we won the game tonight, I would not have been happy. Butler was the tougher team all night and that’s really hard for me to digest. We have a long way to go in the toughness department in my opinion.”

Cronin on getting his team to play tougher:

“Try to recruit it, but a lot of it has to come from the locker room you got to keep pounding nails that’s how coaches survive. I’m here because we built it or I wouldn’t be here this my 10th year. You win consistently because you defend, rebound, take care of the ball you win by controlling the things you can control but tonight Butler played in control. Look at the last play it was a microcosm of the game we have three guys back on defense they have one on offense we tip the ball he gets it and scores on three guys.”

Cronin on a loss like tonight benefitting his team more than an actual win:

“I rather win by 2 and learn because I would be saying the same thing if we won. I said the same thing at halftime when we were up 5 so I rather win.”

“Honestly we should have lost in New York because we didn’t shoot the ball well and everybody’s talking about shooting the basketball well we shot the ball well tonightfor 50% and we still lost we didn’t defend, rebound or take care of the basketball. If your team doesn’t do those things you won’t survive and the answer how do you get them to do it play the guys who will we have to find 5 guys to defend I don’t remember ever giving up 78 points in this gym.”

Cronin on not converting on steal opportunities:

“We had about 6 deflections in the second half and Butler got to more loose balls than us and that’s about effort, but that’s why you chart that because Butler was picking the ball up more than us multiple times it happened. It doesn’t matter how big you are it matters how big you play and tonight they played much bigger and stronger than us and again I would say that even if we won the game. I just felt like we got manhandled.”

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