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Coach Cronin spoke with the media after UC's 65-55 loss to Xavier

Cincinnati's head coach Mick Cronin spared a few minutes of his time after his team was on the wrong end of a 65-55 Crosstown Shootout at the Cintas Center.

Coach Cronin’s opening statement:

“Xavier has a great team hope everybody enjoyed the game, but Xavier outplayed us they have a really good team.

I was really proud the way our guys fought in the second half in particular Shaq Thomas he showed a lot of heart something I’ve been asking him to do. I had a meeting with him this week and loved the way he battled in the second half.

With that being said they hurt us on the outside in the first half and on the outside in the second half, but ultimately you're never going to beat a top team with 16 turnovers so really all the strategy talk is a mute point. Their best player gets 3 points (Bluiett) and they controlled the entire game because of our turnovers we didn’t give ourselves a chance and that’s rule #1 on the road against real top teams. They have a real team we don’t care about the crosstown stuff it doesn’t matter to us.

Cronin on turnovers whether it was Xavier defense or Cincinnati struggling offense:

“Well they didn’t press they didn’t trap so it was us not being strong with the ball. When a team presses you like when we play VCU in a couple weeks or Hugs at West Virginia you're going to have some turnovers, but that’s not the way Xavier plays they play pack line defense so you shouldn’t turn the ball over against them like most other teams like I mentioned.”

Cronin on major halftime speech, pep talk or adjustments:

“No I didn’t say anything special at halftime that’s a media thing I’m not puff the magic dragon. That stuff is overrated what happen in the first half is we got outplayed and we got sick of it and we just came out in the second half doing our jobs the right way, we weren’t getting anything done in the first half and the Xavier kids were. We did a much better job in the second half, but there were no magical adjustments.”

Cronin on defensive scheme against Trevon Bluiett:

“No not really this is just one game he is a great player, but that’s probably the only area we excelled today on defending him, but overall it was terrible at halftime it was 10-0 second chance points and 9-0 fast break points in favor of Xavier you have no chance down 16 points in those two departments unless you rain in a lot of threes and we had our chances, but they didn’t go down for us.”

Cronin on where his team stands a third of the way thru the season:

“We made progress in the second half this is the best team we have played by far on the road we will make some more progress in the second half of the season, but we will just worry about practice tomorrow stay together we just got outplayed today it’s just that simple it’s not rocket science.”

Cronin on Chris Mack and the Xavier Program

“Chris is one of the best coaches in the country they have a tremendous commitment to basketball here they have everything you want in a basketball program support wise this is a great overall program.”


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