Cincinnati Bearcats Football Recruit Kendall Calhoun Speaks to Bearcat Insider

Bearcat Insider recently caught up with newly committed OT Kendall Calhoun. Kendall is excited to be joining the program and picked UC after receiving multiple offers from others schools.

Bearcat Insider: When do you plan on joining the program?

Kendall Calhoun: I'll be there January 6th

Bearcat Insider: What visits did you take?

Kendall Calhoun: I visited UAB, Midd Tennesee, and Purdue.

Bearcat Insider: What made UC a fit for you?

Kendall Calhoun: I thought I could succeed at the school and felt very comfortable with the school itself.

Bearcat Insider: What skills do you bring with you that will have an impact for the Bearcats?

Kendall Calhoun: Experience, and knowledge of my position.

Bearcat Insider: What are you looking forward to most about joining the program?

Kendall Calhoun: The chance to get out and compete in spring. Just to get around the team and see where I can fit in.

Bearcat Insider: How is your connection with the coaches, and how much did it influence you into coming to UC?

Kendall Calhoun: I have a great relationship with the coaches, it influenced me quite a bit and my family felt comfortable with them as well.

Bearcat Insider: Do you have a score prediction for us with Cincinnati taking on San Diego State in the Hawaii Bowl?

Kendall Calhoun: I predict Cincinnati 36 SDSU 12.

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