Cincinnati Bearcats Football Commit Perry Young Speaks to Bearcat Insider on his committment to UC.

Cincinnati Football received a big commitment from safety Perry Young. Young is extremely excited to be a part of the Bearcat family, and opens up about his decision.

Bearcat Insider: How was your visit to Cincinnati?

Perry Young: My visit was awesome, the thing tht made me feel home was the bond with the players and the environment made me feel like home.

Bearcat Insider: How did Cincinatti distinguish themselves from the rest?

Perry Young: By being them, they are a real good group of guys. It took me a while to get a visit up there and the coaches continued recruitng me, and continued to make me feel wanted.

Bearcat Insider: How much did you enjoy the facilities at UC and what was the best part about them?

Perry Young: My favorite part was around the academic part. The campus really made my mouth drop with how beautifull the campus really was. Athletic facilities were awesome, the weight room, and coaches offices were gorgeous, everything was really comfortable.

Bearcat Insider: What made you want to commit to UC?

Perry Young: The bond I had formed with the players, I felt like I knew them my whole life, especially the young guys that I will be there with for most of my years with Cincinnati. The players made my decision really easy.

Bearcat Insider: What did the coaches do to make you commit to the Bearcats program?

Perry Young: The coaches breaking down the plan they had for me when I go up there really helped. They made me feel I will fit perfectly with my style of play, the schemes they run are the style of play I want to play in.

Bearcat Insider: What are you looking forward to most when you get to the program?

Perry Young: Just the student base and what everyone is like. To further my education and athletics with an awesome program and an awesome group of people.

Bearcat Insider: Was your mind made up long before you announced your committment?

Perry Young: Going into my committment, I wasn't thinking too much about it. I just had a few questions about my position and acdemic plans. It turned out very special, more than I could ever think of.

Bearcat Insider: You had interest from a large number of schools, was choosing Cincinnati a hard choice for you?

Perry Young: Honestly, it wasn't too hard. The bind wasn't as strong with the other schools, Cincinnati made it feel like home.

Bearcat Insider: What ability do you think you can bring to the program?

Perry Young: With my style, I can bring lot of energy and leadership. The heart I have for the game, and I expect to bring a lot of passion and fun. I know I will work hard, bring big plays and wins.

Bearcat Insider: What visits did you take?

Perry Young: Cincinatti was my first official, I took unofficial visits to Georgia Southern, Southern Miss, Middle Tennesse, and Arkansas State.

Bearcat Insider: With UC prepping for their bowl game against San Diego State, can you give us a score prediciton?

Perry Young: I think Cincinnati wins by at least 2 or 3 touchdowns. I'll say 31-14 Bearcats.

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