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Gary Clark and Farad Cobb talk after win 75-59 win against Norfolk State

After a 75-59 win forward Gary Clark and guard Farad Cobb spared a few minutes to speak about the win against the Spartans and the bouncing back after an emotional loss against rival Xavier.

Farad Cobb talks about hot shooting tonight:

“I just always play with confidence. Nothing really felt different my shots just went in tonight. I stepped into my shots and that’s pretty much it.”

Cobb talks about ups and downs of the season (shooting):

“I think it’s just part of the game, you go into different matchups sometimes you feel good. As a person that can shoot and takes a lot of shots you just feel like everyone is going in and sometimes you just miss. So I never get too down or get too up, I just keep shooting.”

Gary Clark talks about responding after loss at Xavier Saturday:

“We talked about resilience, when something is being pulled and tugged and it comes back to its normal form. He’s just been preaching that, after an emotional game we had to come back and become one. Focus on the next opponent and at practice he practice we got get better as a team. Focus on the team we have to care more for us to be that team we are supposed to be.”

Clark on the teams up and down night:

“We started on a 15-0 run you could tell with our energy that we were really getting after it defensively. It kind of died down during the end of the half and it picked back up in the second half. We have to keep it up, when we are tired we have to come out and the second group has to come in with the same energy. We have to keep preaching to keep the intensity, no let up.”

Clark talks about picking up the pace in the second half:

“Coach Davis has constantly telling me to play with more confidence. The more I demand the ball and present myself, the more the guards are looking in for me. I tried to present myself way more yell and demand for the ball and the guards were passing it to me. We got some big to big action it worked pretty well in the second half.”

Cobb on how the team was more active defensively:

“He preaches deflections. In the games that we’ve lost and the game that were close we didn’t have a lot of deflections. We try to get around 40 a game and the games we didn’t as well we got around 27-28. That was a big emphasis during the week we did that at the beginning of the game then we had a drop off. We just as a team have to play like that the whole game. We have been good in spurts, we just have to do a better job at playing that way for 40 minutes.”

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