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Head Coach Mick Cronin speaks after 75-59 win versus Norfolk State

Head coach Mick Cronin spoke to the media after 75-59. He talked about how well Gary Clark and Farad Cobb played and how the team needs to work on playing with great energy throughout the entire game.

Mick Cronin opening statement:

“I thought we did some good things tonight we still got to continue to work on playing for 40 minutes. We struggled with that in the Xavier and Butler game. It’s something that’s an issue for our team and it was something I noticed last year as well when I was sitting out. You know our competitive fire to stay focused and to play at your best. I’m trying to get some guys to get nationally recognized and trying to get some guys to gain respect them as players and to do that they have to play well all the time. That is my biggest fight with this team.

Cronin on some of the things we did well tonight:

“We had 20 assist. Even in the Xavier in a loss that was the most assists we’ve had against them in 6 or 7 years with the way they defend, but our turnovers hurt us. The good stuff Gary Clark in the second half was very assertive, that was really what I’ve been asking out of him. Farad Cobb had his best game of the year and not because he scored 20 points, but I got a theory on this I used to tell Sean Kilpatrick all the time is if you just worry about defense offense is easy for you, you’ve been shooting your whole life. Cobb had 8 deflections easily his most of the year  and he has his best offensive night. It is amazing how that happens in coaching a guy hustles on defense and the offense comes easy to that player.”

Cronin on what he said to the team after the Xavier game:

“Same as it always is we got to get better. As much as we want to beat Xavier because of the rivalry and this year not only was it a rivalry it would’ve been a huge win for your RPI and tournament resume. It’s a long  year, you just got to keep trying to get better and come closer as a team. Everybody’s mind has to be about being a good team. We will have the kind of year that the players will allow us to have. That’s my message.”


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