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Coach Cronin speaks after being upset by Temple at home

Head coach Mick Cronin spoke about lack of toughness during first post game press conference of American Athletic Conference play. Will the Bearcats change the narrative soon?

Coach Cronin’s opening statement:

“First of all I would like to apologize to all of our former players to have to watch our guys play with that type of defensive effort it’s an embarrassment, it’s my fault and all of the 10,000 people that came to our game today.

With that being said Temple made some shots you have to give them credit, but our defensive effort was lazy 15 deflections we have a starter who has played 2 games in a row without a deflection and our problem is we just aren’t a good defensive team right now. We lack a lot of toughness we don’t do anything that hard. It’s hard to win games against solid teams playing with no toughness.

We have too many players on our team thinking that everything is ok because we are ranked. They think everything is good I’m averaging double figures my team is ranked everything is ok. It wasn’t ok in my opinion I don’t care where you’re ranked if you lose two home games it shouldn’t be ok. But we embrace that personality and thought process because when you lose games everybody keeps saying you’re 10-3 and here’s who you lost to, but it’s a lost. You lost and you scored enough points to win you should be embarrassed that you can’t get stops to win games, but it doesn’t bother us so here we sit.”

Cronin on rebounding on defensive glass

“We lack anything that requires toughness we struggle in that area we lack toughness why we lack toughness is a rhetorical question I guess, but I don’t lack toughness I lack options right now.”

Cronin on different starting lineup

“Yeah I don’t like the way some guys practiced and the lineups will be different moving forward, like that really worked well some guys don’t even care I don’t have any answers right now."

Cronin on whether he seen his team struggles coming:

“Yes absolutely saw it coming 100% I saw it coming because everything is ok well Iowa State is a great team, it’s ok NO it’s not ok it’s never ok when you lose, but you know that’s the generation that we are dealing with in the players when it comes to social media and our teams ranked in top 25. I average double figures and it’s ok I can promise you it wasn’t ok for me. You should never be ok when you lose at home. No sense of urgency at all we just going to walk out there flash our jersey. I don’t buy all that stuff not ready to play we lack toughness end of story and I will do everything in my power to rectify it because that’s what they pay me for.”

Cronin On toughness being an issue for previous Bearcat teams compared to current team

“No, we have lacked talent when we were rebuilding the program, we have lacked height, we have never lack toughness you can sit there and say well you missed a lot of open shots when you had the chance. That’s what we deserved missed shots see in this game it gives you back what you deserve we didn’t deserve to win if somehow we would have won, we didn’t deserve it the same thing I said after the Butler loss.”

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