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Troy Caupain and Octavius Ellis speak after 77-70 to Temple

Point guard Troy Caupain and center Octavius Ellis speak to the media after 77-70 loss to the Temple Owls. Both players state they are not playing Cincinnati basketball especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Caupain on Cronin’s apology to former players:

“Yeah we not playing with the same aggression or energy they are use to in the 9 years Cronin been here. The other players thrived off getting stops, being the more aggressive team and protecting home court. That’s something we have struggled with the first part of the season and I understand when he does say we owe them an apology because we are not playing to the expectation level of Cincinnati basketball.”

Caupain on how to play to the expectation level of Cincinnati Basketball:

“We just have to come together as a team and play more for each other and not be afraid to make a mistake and give 110% effort.”

Ellis on not starting today:

“Usually that’s a wakeup call for me because I know I have been playing to relaxed lately. So it was just a wakeup call for me to come out and play to my ability to help the team win. Come out and give great effort and my personal self too and I gave about 90%.”

Caupain on if he sensed Bearcats struggles coming:

“I probably couldn’t sense it because we go very hard in practice. It’s definitely different from the game from the team's standpoint. We just don’t understand being Cincinnati and being blessed to be in the top 25 that teams are going to come ready to play every game. We have to be ready from start of tip to finish and that’s one thing we have been lacking energy for all 40 minutes. I think that’s held us back and we have to grow as a unit.”

Caupain on where leadership needs to come from:

“It’s on us you can’t find it from nowhere else you have to find people who will get the best from everybody on this team. I think me and Oct can do it and have to do it in order for this team to be successful.”

Ellis on possibility of not being ranked next week:

“I think it’s a good thing because now we can come back and start playing with that chip on our shoulder we had at the beginning of the season.”


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