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Cincinnati Bearcats versus the Top 25 this season

BCI is taking a quick look at how the Bearcats have fared against the teams that have been in the Top 25 this season. They have a margin of 4 points in the four games that they have loss against teams in the Top 25.

If you have been watching Bearcats basketball this season you know they had high expectations and rightfully so being that the whole team returned including head coach Mick Cronin. This team had a tough non conference schedule and currently have an 11-5 overall and 1-2 in the AAC.

Of the 5 losses four have been to teams that are in the Top 25. The Bearcats so far this season have been 1-4 against teams that are or have been ranked in the Top 25. Their sole win was against George Washington who was ranked 20th at one point this year at the Barclay Center Classic. The 4 losses were against Butler, Xavier, Iowa State and SMU. Out of the four games the only game that wasn't decided by 2 points was Xavier which they loss by 10. 

They have had a margin of defeat versus top competition of 4 points. Two of the games were on the road, the other two were at home. Glass half full is you know they can hang with top competition, but they have to learn how to finish games better on both ends of the court.

As easy as they have 5 losses they could very well be sitting at 1 or 2, but because of how they have finished games they have allowed winnable games slip away which is going to make how the Bearcats finish the season more paramount if they want to ease into the NCAA tournament. 

If you go by the current Top 25 rankings they will have three more chances against top competition SMU once and UCONN twice will they be able to take advantage?  Personally I think they will need to win at least two of the three so they won't have to be on bubble watch. How they perform in those games will let me know how the rest of the season will go. 

The team is finally starting to play defense the last two games keeping the opponents average to 58 points. Now we just need to get our less than 2 minutes left in the game offense together scoring 2 points in the last 4:10 in the SMU won't get the job done.

I think this team will right the ship let's just hope by March I'm right.

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