Bearcat Insider speaks with 2016 commit Jarron Cumberland

Wilmington High School senior shooting guard and Bearcat commit Jarron Cumberland spared J.T. Smith of Bearcat Insider a few minutes of his time this week to give us some current information about his recent success.

Bearcat Insider: How is your senior season currently going?

Jarron Cumberland: My senior season is going great.

Bearcat Insider:  How excited were you when you found out that you are one of the nominees for a McDonald’s All-American slot? At the beginning of the season did you think you would be a nominee?

Jarron Cumberland: When I found out I got nominated I was excited for myself and I have to keep putting in all that hard work cause it will pay off.

Bearcat Insider:  What did the Bearcats have to offer that lured you to commit?

Jarron Cumberland: I just like the style and talking to coach Cronin he made me and my family feel great about it and we trust him.

Bearcat Insider:  What type of player should Bearcat fan expect when you don black and red next year?

Jarron Cumberland: Tough, scoring, and a winner

Bearcat Insider:  How cool will it be for your family being in a close proximity from your home games?

Jarron Cumberland: It will be great being close to home because I know I'll have my family and friends there to support me

Bearcat Insider: Who is your favorite past Bearcat? 

Jarron Cumberland:  I liked Sean Kilpatrick and Yancy Gates.

Bearcat Insider: Does your game get compared to any players? If so who?

Jarron Cumberland: Coach Cronin compared me to Sean K game because he's strong and knows how to score the ball.

Bearcat Insider: What is in your headset currently before your games?

Jarron Cumberland: I listen to some young thug and meek mill and my mindset every game is the person guarding me will not stop me.


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