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Linebacker Eric Wilson speaks to Bearcat Insider about defensive improvement

Last season, Wilson made second team All-AAC with a team leading 103 tackles. Bearcat Insider's Tre Larkins was able to speak with senior linebacker Eric Wilson after the Bearcats sixth spring practice. Check out what the senior linebacker had to tell Tre about the improvement of the defense and what to expect this season from that unit.

Bearcat Insider: How do you feel about today’s practice overall defensively for you guys?

Eric WilsonYou know overall as a defense we got a lot better we have been a lot more physical than last year that’s one of the main things we are trying to improve on is our physicality just having people swarming to the ball.

Bearcat Insider: I know it’s only spring practice but how important do you think it is to build relationships with other players new coaches coming in do you think it helps build chemistry for fall when the games really matter?

Eric Wilson: Yeah building chemistry with your teammates and coaches is very important because if you're not on the same page off the field it’s hard to be on the same page on the field so having that chemistry and sense of brotherness is very important to our game.

Bearcat Insider: Overall defensively you guys struggled last season you had a lot of younger guys on that side of the ball how do you feel like their experiences from last year could carry over to success this season on the field?

Eric Wilson: Yeah we had a lot of young guys last year and this year it’s time for them to step up and I feel like our young guys are starting to buy into our program and it’s helping them when coaches are spending time with them learning our defense it’s helping us out a lot.

Bearcat Insider: So for you Eric what are some things you want to do to elevate your team to win football games come fall?

Eric Wilson: I want to be able to help those younger guys step up because when we don’t everybody helping on the team that’s really when it hurts us so I think for myself just continuing helping developing those younger guys.

Bearcat Insider: Last season I felt like you guys struggled creating turnovers so how can you guys improve in the turnover department?

Eric Wilson: Well we have to be in the right place at the right time and if you are a step late it could be the difference between a pick 6 or a PBU (Pass Break Up).


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