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Senior receiver Nate Cole talk about the offense and its new parts

Nate Cole is the leading returning Bearcats receiver. Cole had 19 catches, 262 yards and 1 touchdown last season. Bearcat Insider's Tre Larkins was able to talk to Cole after the Bearcats sixth practice.

Bearcat Insider: So overall Nate how do you feel about today’s practice?

Nate Cole I feel like it went well being the first live scrimmage we got so far we still got a lot to work on offensively I felt like the running backs did a good job of being leaders on the field today

Bearcat Insider: Bringing in new offensive coordinator Zach Taylor who spent some time in the NFL what kind of impact do you think he have on this offense?

Nate Cole: I think he can have a big impact because he’s been to the place where we are trying to go so he has a lot of experience and knowledge of the game on each level so we are trying to learn a lot from him.

Bearcat Insider: So for you Nate you are a senior this year last year you had Johnny Holton Mekale McKay and Chris Moore now that you are looked at as the leader of the receiving core what do you feel like are the keys to help develop those younger receivers?

Nate Cole: Just teaching them everything I learned from the older guys last year just playing the game learning the playbook teaching them with whatever they need help with.

Bearcat Insider: For you personally Nate what are some things you feel like you need to improve on to help this team win football games?

Nate Cole: Just being a leader stepping up whenever my team needs me to make a play and being physical on the outside and everything falls into place from there.

Bearcat Insider: How important is developing team chemistry so early on even at just a spring practice like now?

Nate Cole: Very important because when it all starts to count we can lean on that chemistry to help us get pass the ups and downs throughout the season.

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