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Bearcats wide receiver Khalil Lewis speaks on himself and the receiving core getting better

Bearcat Insiders Tre Larkins spoke with sophomore receiver Kahlil Lewis Thursday after Spring Practice. Lewis didn't get used much last season, but with six seniors gone via graduation playing time is up for grabs and he talks about how the receivers are getting better and what he needs to work on.

Bearcat Insider: So overall Kahlil how do you feel about today’s practice?

Kahlil Lewis:  After every practice I always feel like I can do more. I really need to work on my routes like my comeback route particular, but my footwork wasn’t there today so I’m just improving in that aspect.

Bearcat Insider: So last season you guys had a lot of talent at receiver with guys like Mekale McKay, Johnny Holton, Chris Moore now this season with talented backs like Mike Boone and Tion Green do you think y’all are more of a balanced offense?

Kahlil Lewis: We just working. They said this season they want balance, but with the new young receivers we working on the passing game trying to get better every day. We already know what they can do in the running game they produced last season so our focus is the passing game right now.

Bearcat Insider: It’s only March so we got 6 months until the regular season how important do you think it is being so early to develop chemistry with your teammates?

Kahlil Lewis: We just want to work, work, and work every day and get better just being in the film room and weight room. To get better building a bond with teammates is always a huge key to success on the field because we have to be all on one accord to get the job done.

Bearcat Insider: So for you personally Kahlil how do you want to improve on your game to help this team win football games come fall?

Kahlil Lewis: I just want to do everything blocking, kickoff return, punt return and staying healthy is the key to everything so that’s how I can help this team in all aspects of football and being a good teammate listening and understanding my coaches as well.

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