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Bearcats defensive tackle Cortez Broughton speaks on the defense becoming one as a unit

Tre Larkins of Bearcat Insider was able to speak with sophomore defensive tackle Cortez Broughton after practice on Thursday. Broughton talks with Larkins about the improvements on his game he wants to make and the defense coming together as a whole.

Bearcat Insider: So Cortez how do you feel about today’s practice overall?

Cortez Broughton: It was a great practice overall it comes to a point where you have to push yourself it’s not about making plays it’s about pushing yourself because towards the end of practice you are tired and in the game when you tired you have to still make plays it’s the same thing with practice.

Bearcat Insider: Last season you guys struggled and you had a lot of younger guys what do you feel like is the biggest thing you guys need to improve upon to get better defensively this year?

Cortez Broughton: I believe the most important aspect is us playing as a team and not breaking down. I felt like last year when things got bad, they got all the way bad. So when we stay together as a team nobody can stop us and that’s something we put a lot of emphasis on every day.

Bearcat Insider: How important is it to develop chemistry with your teammates even though it’s so early in the season?

Cortez Broughton: That’s the main job if you can’t develop chemistry then you really can’t be a team.  Outside of football we hang out go out to eat go to BW3, go over different players houses on the weekend and just hang out. So chemistry is the biggest part of becoming a great team.

Bearcat Insider: So for you personally Cortez what’s the most important element of your game you want to elevate to help this team win football games this fall?

Cortez Broughton: I really want to improve my pass rush so this year I’m working on my hands more at the point of contact so I can put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks this year and help the defense improve overall.


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