Statement from NCAA Regarding End of Saint Joseph’s-Cincinnati Game

The Cincinnati Bearcats loss another heartbreaker, but this time it was in the NCAA Tournament. The final was 78-76, but the dunk by center Octavius Ellis was waived off at the buzzer it would've forced overtime. Check out what the NCAA had to say about the critical play.

The officials in the Saint Joseph’s versus Cincinnati game ruled the dunk shot made by Octavius Ellis was disallowed because the ball was on his fingertips when the clock hit 0.0. The rule used to determine the judgment of the officials was Rule 11, Section 3, Article 1, which references mandatory use of instant replay, and reads as follows:

Officials shall use such available equipment in the following situations:

 a.            When there is a reading of zeroes on the game clock at the end of any

period, after making a call on the playing court, and when necessary to

determine the outcome of the game in the following situations:

1.            Determine whether a try for field goal entering the basket was

released before the reading of zeroes on the game clock.

This rule can be found on page 103 of the NCAA men’s basketball rules book, which can be found here:

The officials determined the ball had not been released when the clock hit 0.0.

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