Nick Falzerano

With the addition of Cane Broome, BCI wanted to take a look at the 2017-18 team

Reason transferee Cane Broome won’t be able to play in the 2016-17 season because of transfer rules, but it made me think how the 2017-18 roster will line up as it currently is constructed and BCI wanted to take a look into the future to paint a quick picture.

Fast forward to 2017-18 the Bearcats will be losing three players to graduation and that is floor general Troy Caupain, defensive stalwart Kevin Johnson and walk-on fan favorite Zack Tobler. That loss of Caupain will be felt more than the loss of Johnson and that is why landing Cane Broome seems like such a good move especially if Mick Cronin wants to play faster on offense.

Without looking at potential transfers and recruits that would fill in for the three roster spots that would be open for the 2017-18 season. The Bearcats would be constructed with seniors Gary ClarkKyle Washington and Quadri Moore. Juniors would be Justin Jenifer, Cane Broome and Jacob Evans. Sophomores would be Jarron Cumberland, Tre Scott and Nysier Brooks. I’m not saying the 2016-17 team isn’t going to be good, but it defiantly seems this team in 2017-18 is going to be something to be reckon with.

With guards Broome and Jenifer, UC will be able to push the tempo on a nightly basis and I think with Broome’s scoring ability he will be most comfortable playing off the ball when Jenifer and him or both in the lineup. Time could change and maybe that could be interchangeable depending on the matchup.

Cumberland and Evans should be a great two-three combination when it’s all said and done and should be ready to be prime scorers for this team.

Clark and Washington should be ready to be prime leaders and their games should’ve expanded where they can get you 15-20 points or more on command. Clark seems to be on track to be the Bearcats swiss army knife in the post or the wing and to be able to defend anybody on the court.

If the Bearcats plug holes with either ready to play talent or get another transfer or two then you really have to think this team can make a serious run when it’s time.

I say that to say this, 2017-18 is lining up to be real special for the Bearcats, but let’s not get too excited because if everything goes how we expect 2016-17 could be an improvement over 2015-16.

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