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The University of Cincinnati extended the contracts of Tommy Tuberville and Mick Cronin

The Cincinnati Bearcats football and basketball program gained more stability for the near future as head coaches Tommy Tuberville and Mick Cronin received contract extensions on Monday.

It has been made official that men’s basketball head coach Mick Cronin and football head coach Tommy Tuberville have both received two year contract extensions. Cronin’s extension locks him in until the end of the 2022-23 season and Tuberville’s extension locks him in until the end of the 2019 season.

For Cronin who has been here for a decade and led the Bearcats a record of 207-129 and made six straight NCAA Tournaments we expected some type of extension because he flirted with UNLV for a week so we knew he didn’t stay just out of good faith. Details haven’t been made about the contract, but like I said when he stayed I’m pretty sure the money is the same, but it addresses the fixture of the Fifth Third Arena and his private jet for recruiting. Which is understandable love, hate or indifferent Cronin has brought stability to the Bearcats basketball programs with conference instability looping during the last few years. We all want to get into a better conference (looks at Big 12 or ACC), but UC is currently stuck in the AAC so the recruiting job he has done as of late has been great looking at the circumstances.

Ron Ramer - Bearcat Insider
With Tuberville this comes as more of a shock because while he has had control of the program the teams have been decent, but with the talent they have had they haven’t set the world on fire as some have expected. Being 0-3 in the bowl games don’t help you jump for joy, but Tuberville is a household name and being in a non-household conference Tubs gets his foot in the door a lot of other teams can’t get so that could have a lot to do with the extension. I’m very interested on seeing what his buyout clause looks like because a lot of pressure is on him and this team to perform this season after coming off of a 7-6 record in 2015. Tuberville is 25-14 in his three seasons with the Bearcats.

Once BCI gets more details of the extensions we will inform our readers.

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