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After the NFL Draft was over seven Bearcats were signed

After the NFL Draft concluded seven Cincinnati Bearcats were signed by NFL teams. Seven is a pretty solid number for the Bearcats.

The Cincinnati Bearcats had two draftees for the first time since 2013 which was Travis Kelce. Kelce has been one of the best tight ends in the NFL the last few years. Parker Ehinger and Chris Moore broke the Bearcats drought.

Sometimes players have to take the unconventional way to get a chance at the NFL. Seven Bearcats were signed soon after the draft ended some had been labeled with a late round grade, but it didn’t work out that way.

Bearcats signed:                

MeKale McKay, WR, Indianapolis Colts, Free Agent

Johnny Holton, WR, Oakland Raiders, Free Agent

Leviticus Payne, DB, Indianapolis Colts, tryout

Chad West, OL, Seattle Seahawks, tryout

Kirk Willis, LS, Cleveland Browns, tryout

Silverberry Mouhon, DL, Cincinnati Bengals, tryout

Shaq Washington, WR, San Diego Chargers, tryout

Receivers McKay and Holton have the stronger deals as they were signed out right, but they still have to battle for a roster spot or a spot on the practice squad. The Colts and Raiders seem to be makeable rosters if they have strong camps and preseasons.

Payne, West, Willis, Mouhon and Washington all will have tryouts at rookie training camps for their respective teams. On the outside looking in I think of the five players who are in tryouts I think West and Washington have the strongest chance to make a roster because the Seahawks need lineman and Chargers need receivers. I think the other three will have a shot also, but I just know the ways the rosters are set up for the other players they have a stronger chance.

Congrats to the Bearcats who were signed hopefully they all have a shot to make the practice squad or the respective roster.

Bearcat Insider will keep an eye on these players to see how far they make it in their journey hopefully all seven players make it past their tryouts. Good luck.

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