2017 Loveland High (OH) running back Ryan Bagnoli enjoyed his time on Cincinnati’s campus

2017 Loveland High (OH) running back Ryan Bagnoli was spotted at the Bearcats Spring Game. Bagnoli was enjoyed his visit on campus. Bearcat Insider was able to catch up to Bagnoli to speak on his most recent visit.

Ryan Bagnoli talks about visiting the Bearcats Spring Game.

“I liked it a lot, that’s my second time being down there and I’ve been there for a few different camps during the summer,” said Bagnoli. “I like the coaches a lot I feel like the program is on the rise with all of the new talent that is coming in.”

“I didn’t get to talk to any of the coaches, but I did get a quick wave from the running back coach (Nick Grimes) when he saw me from a distance,” said Bagnoli.

Bagnoli talks about hitting UC’s camp in June.

“I think I’m going down there June 6th, but I’ll be there,” said Bagnoli.

Bagnoli talks about visits he has lined up.

“I’m plan on going to Ball State again, stopping at William & Mary and Old Dominion,” said Bagnoli.

Bagnoli talks about his style.

“Jeremy Hill is a guy that I watch a lot of film on to study how he hits his holes. Him being a bigger back he’s similar to my style,” said Bagnoli.

Bagnoli currently doesn’t have any offers on the table, but he expects that to change once he takes his SAT and ACT. He plans on taking the SAT in June so once he gets solid results back from the test teams may start sending offers.

Bearcat Insider is going to be following his journey so make sure y’all check out BCI for the latest on Bearcat recruits.   

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