UC basketball is catching on to a market that the football team has already tapped into

The Cincinnati Bearcats aren’t known for getting McDonald’s All-American players like a Duke, Kentucky, Louisville, North Carolina and other top tier programs, but as of late the Bearcats have been doing a great job at playing the field for players who fit the program and have left their current programs. See what BCI has to talk about.

A few weeks ago the Bearcats didn’t know if they were going to keep their head coach (Mick Cronin) because of the full court press UNLV put on the head man in Cincinnati. Less than a week later it was rumblings that Cincinnati had a chance to land NEC Player of the Year Cane Broome. After visiting Cincinnati and Creighton, Broome chose Cincinnati and the rest has been history, but after Broome said he was going to be a Bearcat it made me think about how effective the Bearcats have been in the transfer market as of late.

Broome will be coming on board in the 2017-18 season, but Kyle Washington who sat out the 2015-16 season after coming up north from NC State will be eligible to play for the Bearcats in the 2016-17 season. Washington was a former top 100 prospect, so as far as potential this great find for this basketball program.

UC has been known to land their fair share of juco transfers, but until recent years they haven’t made must noise in the transfer market besides a few kids transferring out (points to Jermaine Lawrence, Ge’Lawn Guyn, Jeremiah Davis and Deshaun Morman) just to name a few. That’s how the game goes you win some you lose some, but currently it seems that the Bearcats are winning some quality kids.

The Bearcats football teams was early to the transfer party getting people like Jeff Luc, Gunner KielAvery Peterson and Jamil Kamara just to name a few over the recent years. The four that I named were rated 4 star or above coming out of high school so it’s a good market if you can play your hand right.

With UC playing in the transfer market it makes them that much more dangerous in the future and it gives them more avenues to acquire top tier talent. Very smart for program waiting for arena upgrades and trying to slide into a bigger conference in the near future to do its best to better the program by any means necessary (legally). Because of the last two transfers every time I hear of a kid transferring from their current school I think to myself does he fit in with the UC brand of basketball? Do we need somebody at “said” position? These are good questions to ask because you never know who will be visiting Cincinnati in the near future and beyond.

Note: The football program just got a new transfer from Ohio State offensive tackle Grant Schmidt. Schmidt is a redshirt freshman from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  

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