Bearcat Insider takes a look at the Bearcats tight ends

Bearcat Insider is taking a look at maybe the most underappreciated group of this team. The tight ends have some hidden gems and with new offensive coordinator Zac Taylor promising to use the position more. This bodes well for this group.

With the arrival of new offensive coordinator Zac Taylor in the fold, the tight ends have a lot to be smiling about heading into camp higher grounds. Last season the tight ends didn’t get used much especially earlier in the season, but when they were used they were very effective. Taylor has vowed to use the sixth guy on the line more this season. With that being said they play on going more three wide receivers, one tight end sets.

The guy who will look to take advantage of more looks will be Mackey Watch List senior DJ Dowdy. Dowdy was the leading receiver at the tight end position with 12 catches, 104 yards and 3 touchdowns. I will say when used Dowdy was a weapon a whopping 4 to 1 catch to touchdown ratio is impressive. With more looks can he keep that nice ratio? I don’t know, but I think he can have a positive effect on the game in the middle of the field with his size and speed. Look to see number 81 to make more noise during his senior campaign.

Dowdy’s partner in crime is junior Tyler Cogswell who was also very effective in limited usage. Cogswell had 4 catches, 22 yards and a touchdown. Cogswell in isn’t as explosive as Dowdy, but seems to be the better blocker. With more usage Cogswell will see the field more and possibly get more looks as a target also.

After the first two in the depth chart it will be a tossup who sees snaps after them. Camp Higher Ground will be very important for Doug Bates, Josiah DeguaraJake Elfers and true freshman Bruno Labelle. With a name like Bruno, you know he has to be able to play some football he has the name of a legit football player.

This is a young group after Dowdy and Cogswell which youngster will make sure they are in line to be next up at the position?

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