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Bearcat Insider tag-teamed running backs Tion Green and Mike Boone following a recent practice.

Bearcat Insider caught up with Bearcats senior running back Tion Green and junior running back Mike Boone following a recent practice.

Cincinnati Bearcats senior running back Tion Green and junior running back Mike Boone  talked with Bearcat Insider following a recent practice.

Both Green and Boone are really looking forward to this upcoming season as both bring much experience to the field and both are looking to be leaders on and off the field. Here’s what they had to say:

Bearcat Insider: How does it feel to be back on the field?

Boone: “It feels great, especially to be back in pads. Get to come out here and get better and learn the offense. Just us being back in pads today let us know that the season is getting closer and closer.”

Green: “Bittersweet feeling for me, it being my senior year coming back with only a month left. Just trying to find a way to be a better teammate and a better leader to these guys and help motivate these guys to win a conference championship.”

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Bearcat Insider: You all are leaving for Higher Ground tomorrow; what do you like most about camp Higher Ground and what do you like the least about camp Higher Ground?

Green: “I don’t really have anything I like the least about it because when you become an upperclassman on the team, you notice and understand all of the benefits that camp Higher Ground provides. No discretions as far as social media because there is no service out there, or no cable. You have the full opportunity to bond with everyone on your team. You have all the outside distractions going on and you don’t have any contact to that because you’re just with your teammates and you’re just bonding and building and becoming a better person, teammate, and leader. It’s just all benefits, that’s everything I like about Higher Ground. It took me only three years to figure it out.”

Boone: “We’re out, we’re altogether and we just get a chance to gain that comradery with one another. We can just focus on getting better as a person, as a leader, and as a team. “

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Bearcat Insider: You two guys are playing the same position and are good friends, how are you able to keep football and friendship from mixing throughout the season.

Boone: “We just try to push one another. Off the field, we’re brothers, we do everything we want together. On the field, we push one another to better the team. We would never let competition come in between our friendship off the field. We just try to get better and better the team by competing.”

Green: “I think it just become a part of a great teammate and a better leader. I understand that you have running backs nowadays in college football who are very versatile. Mike Boone bring something to the game that I don’t bring and its some things that I bring to the game that he doesn’t bring. So when you understand your role and you understand what’s beneficial for the team. Yes, it’s competition, but if it’s the first play of the game and the first 10 plays of the strip is most successful for Mike Boone, you put the best player in and I understand that. You push each other every day just to compete and become better players. Its competition but we don’t look at it that way, we look at it as getting each other better. There’s a lot of things he can do better than me and there’s a lot of things I do different than him. When you understand that, that is when you become a true teammate and a true player of the game.”

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