BCI takes a quick look at the American Athletic Conference East Polls

Bearcat Insider is taking a quick dive into the American Athletic Conference East Polls. Why just the East? Because that is where the Bearcats play, sorry West, but I just want to dive into the division our Bearcats are in!

First let’s take a look at the six teams in the East and give a quick breakdown of each. (In the order they were ranked)

1.            USF (15) 164- USF has a very solid team, they beat the breaks off the Bearcats last season in South Florida, so for that reason right there we have to respect them being number one in this poll.

2.            Temple (9) 144- Temple lost a couple of big time players on the defensive side of the ball due to graduation, but they have Seniors P.J. Walker and Jahad Thomas to lead on, on offense. Which how strong of a

                                           season they had last year I can respect them at number two?

3.            Cincinnati (6) 130- UC underachieved last season, but with injuries forcing a ton of underclassmen to play if the Bearcats can stay healthy and take care of the ball they could shock the voters by the end of the year.

4.            UConn 89- UConn is yes UConn, this will be Mike Diaco’s second year so they should improve.

5.            ECU 55- Firing Ruffin McNeal was interesting to me, but ECU is a sleeper to have a solid year just because they are normally pretty legit.

6.            UCF 48- Well they can’t do nothing, but get better right?

Note = First place votes (), total votes next to name

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