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Juco transfer receiver Devin Gray making plays at Higher Ground

Bearcat Insider was able to speak with JUCO transfer junior wide receiver Devin Gray. Gray has had a strong game and check out what he had say during our interview.

Bearcat Insider had the chance to speak with junior wide receiver Devin Gray. This will be Gray’s first season with the Bearcats. He recently transferred from Sierra College a junior college in California and he’s really happy to be with the Bearcats. Having lost six key receivers this past season, Gray has a chance to really make an impact out on the field for the Bearcats and he looks forward to doing so. Check out what he had to say:

Bearcat Insider: How does your previous college, Sierra College differ from The University of Cincinnati?

Gray: “Here it’s more family related, we’re more bonded as a team and at Sierra it’s more individual.”

Bearcat Insider: What do you like the most about Higher Ground and what do you dislike about it?

Gray: “I don’t really have any dislikes because coming from JUCO I am happy to be here. I like how it bonds us as a team and has us working hard every day.”

Bearcat Insider: This is a big year for you, you really have a chance to make a name for yourself. What kind of goals do you have set for yourself and what role do you see yourself playing?

Gray: “I hope to be an impact guy for the team, I just want to make plays for the team. One of my personal goals is to go to a bowl game, I’ve always wanted to go to a bowl game. I just want to help the team out as best I can.”

Bearcat Insider: There’s three different QBs competing for the same position, what can you say about each one of them?

Gray: “All of the quarterbacks have great leadership, they all have good deep balls, and they all work very hard. I think they’re all really similar. They’re out there competing just like all the receivers are.”

Definitely be on the lookout for Devin Gray this season, he’s able to make plays and looks really comfortable out there. It should be a big year for him.

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