Bearcats junior cornerback Grant Coleman just wants to compete

Bearcat Insider spoke with junior cornerback Grant Coleman after practice at Camp Higher Ground. Check out what Coleman had to say to BCI's Tre Larkins this week.

Bearcat Insider was able to catch with junior cornerback Grant Coleman after practice at Camp Higher Ground. Check out what Coleman had to say.

Bearcat Insider: How is everything going so far in camp with you personally and the team?

Coleman: We doing well, we are gelling together a lot we have become a brotherhood around here. Everything is positive so we just going to keep pushing through, keep everything tight, keep it like a family.

Bearcat Insider: Defensively you guys gave up a lot of big plays last season what do you think is the key to improve in that department this season?

Coleman: Just knowing what you are doing knowing you’re assignment we been sitting down having meeting after meeting and throughout this camp you can tell guys are picking it up faster. Also moving faster because they know what they are doing, as long as we know what we are doing and sound we can run with anybody. That’s the biggest improvement from last year just knowing what we are doing and we will be fine.

Bearcat Insider: Last Season you were hit with the injury bug, how are you feeling from a health standpoint? Do you feel like you are back to 100%?

Coleman: Yeah I’m 100% I’m good everything is good my shoulder is good been doing tackling drills. I’m excited for scrimmage coming up and excited for the season coming up.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about your senior teammate Zach Edwards. How much is it a relief to know that you have him and his leadership on the back end? What’s it like having him as part of your arsenal?

Coleman: Ever since freshman year he has been a leader, he stepped in first time I came here he was showing me what to do because he came in a little earlier in the spring. I already know he has all of our backs and we can count on him regardless of what’s going on or the situation. He’s going come to play and today in practice he definitely set the tone for us. Our defense moves as he moves so that’s my brother and we going keep it rolling with him on back end.

Bearcat Insider: Overall, what are the team’s biggest goals at camp?

Coleman: I just want to compete. I feel like we compete on offense, defense and special teams that’s our biggest thing we’ve preached this entire off season. We talked about competition from the weight room where we started out going offense vs. defense who won today??? So as long as we keep competing we are going to keep pushing each other and competition brings the best out of both of us offense and defense. So just consistently competing is the biggest thing I want to get of camp this year.


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