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Senior defensive tackle Alex Pace told Bearcat Insider his pass rush must improve

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with senior defensive tackle Alex Pace after practice at Camp Higher Ground this week. Pace told Tre Larkins of Bearcat Insider what he is working on and what #BearcatNation should expect from this Bearcats team.

Bearcat Insider was able to speak with senior defensive tackle Alex Pace. Check out what Pace had to say.

Bearcat Insider: How is everything going so far for you personally and the team overall?

Pace: For me personally, I definitely feel like I’m getting way more explosive being better at pass rushing and growing as a leader. Out here as a team I feel like we are becoming a better team overall and getting back to that black cat defense that the University of Cincinnati loves to see and the Queen City loves to see.

Bearcat Insider: On that note defensively, how do you feel about the unit so far in camp? Do you feel like you guys have improved from last season?

Pace: We definitely have improved since last year overall, but that’s not going to stop us we want to continue to keep improving daily so we can be one of those top 10 defenses out there.

Bearcat Insider: Last season you recorded 26 tackles playing in all 13 games. In what areas do you want to improve the most personally to elevate your game to the next level?

Pace: I definitely want to improve on pass rushing more. Last year, I played the run great. I was one of the top in the nation playing the run, but on my pass rush I wasn’t really that much of a presence. Besides getting push I need to show up on the stat sheet, get more sacks and hype my defensive backs up give them a chance to make plays on the back end.

Bearcat Insider: It’s August, it’s hot out here at Camp Higher Ground. How does being out here with your teammates affect the brotherhood?

Pace: It definitely brings you together coming out to Camp Higher Ground. It puts you in a hard situation where you have to rely on one another. We are out in the middle of nowhere guy coming from different areas got to learn how to lean on each other from different backgrounds.

Bearcat Insider: Realistically what are your expectations for the team this season and what can #BearcatNation expect from you guys?

Pace: Real expectations, we expect a way better team. We expect a more physical team, a team that’s going to go out there every week and show what we can do.


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