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Senior wide receiver Nate Cole elder statesmen for the receiver position

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with senior wide receiver Nate Cole at Camp Higher Ground. The Bearcats have a scrimmage at Nippert Stadium on Saturday afternoon, but Tre Larkins was able to rap with Cole a day before the big scrimmage. Check out what Cole had to say to Larkins.

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with senior wide receiver Nate Cole a day before the big scrimmage at Nippert Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Check out what Cole had to say to Bearcat Insider.

Bearcat Insider: So how is everything going so far in camp for you personally and the team overall?

Cole: Well for the team we are going to excite a lot of people this year. With the defense        stepping up on offense we are picking it up because of the defense intensity every day. For me personally it’s just making me a better young man being the oldest guy in the receiver room. Being a leader I got a lot of young guys are looking up to me and it’s helping me lead them in the right direction.

Bearcat Insider: Yeah about that, there are a lot of young talented wide receivers with you being a senior what kind of message do you want to get across to these guys? They are talented, but young so what’s the main message you want to get across?

Cole: Just staying focused being a young guy they have a lot of things thrown their way. So just staying focused learning the playbook and playing hard going 110%. If you mess up, mess up going full speed, but just staying positive when they drop passes or run the wrong route just stay positive and go to next play.

Bearcat Insider: In the backfield you have two solid running backs in Tion Greene and Mike Boone describe what impact they have on this offense?

Cole: Having those guys in the backfield makes our offense more explosive because they can break loose at any point. If we as receivers do our job they will have opportunities and they also open up the pass game for us. Teams are going to load the box leaving us man to man on the outside. That’s where we come in, make plays and once we do those teams have to play us more honestly.

Bearcat Insider: As a team being out here in dog days of August, what’s your main goal you want to accomplish as a team overall?

Cole: Just pushing each other every day staying positive, this year we are staying positive. The seniors this year are stepping up more leading the young guys behind us.

Bearcat Insider: As you prepare for your first scrimmage tomorrow, overall how do you feel about the offense and where it’s going with Zac Taylor as your new offensive coordinator?

Cole: It’s going in the right direction. It’s a new offense we all have a lot of things we have to learn and just being in a positive mindset every day.

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