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Bearcat Insider speaks with defensive end Kimoni Fitz

Bearcat Insider was able to speak with sophomore defensive end Kimoni Fitz a day before the big scrimmage at Nippert Stadium. Check out what Fitz had to say to Tre Larkins at Camp Higher Ground on Friday.

Bearcat Insider was able to speak with sophomore defensive end Kimoni Fitz on Friday at Camp Higher Ground. Check out what the sophomore defensive end had to say.

Bearcat Insider: So overall how is everything for you personally and the team in camp?

Fitz: Personally everything has been going great so far. The team bonding has been going great, the coaches are installing everything and the plays are great. The continuity we are developing and I just think it’s going to be a big year for the Cincinnati Bearcats defense.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about the importance of having a guy in Eric Wilson leading the defense and what actual impact he may have that fans or we media members might not know about?

Fitz: Having Eric back there giving all the calls it makes it easier for everybody else on the field. Having that senior leadership from him he is a great player, great teammate and a great leader overall. He makes everything easier for everybody.

Bearcat Insider: Defensively how do you feel about the unit as a whole and how much have y’all progressed throughout camp?

Fitz: I feel like we are getting better every day, but there is definitely more progress to reach. Having one more week left (at Camp Higher Ground), but tomorrow is the big test for the defense with the first scrimmage. Interested to see how things go, but I like where our defense is and we just got to keep getting better and better every day.

Bearcat Insider: For you personally in what ways do you want improve and help this team win football games this season?

Fitz: I just want to be a great leader for all of the young guys, be a great teammate and become an impact player on the defensive side of the ball. Make plays when my name is called and be a great teammate to everyone else.

Bearcat Insider: With the season a little over three weeks away I’m going to put you on spot what can #BearcatNation expect from you guys this year as a team?

Fitz: The way we playing right now we got ball hawks on the back end. Up front we all going to eat with the defensive line and get to the quarterback a lot this year. The linebackers they are filling every gap and I just feel like we are going to be one of the best defenses in the country.

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