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Bearcat Insider takes a look at the Cincinnati Bearcats first big scrimmage of the 2016 preseason camp.

J.T. Smith and Arin Gentry of Bearcat Insider were able to attend the Cincinnati Bearcats scrimmage on Saturday afternoon. It was also FanFest for the fans and it allowed #BearcatNation to meet the players and coaches on a personal level.

First, I want to say it wasn’t a terrible day as for as the heat went for the middle of August, the overcast helped with that and as person observing I’m not mad at all. This will be a quick breakdown of what I personally saw at the scrimmage, there were no official stats so don’t kill me if stats that may be quoted aren’t exact.

Hayden Moore was the first quarterback to take the helm during the scrimmage, but he didn’t look sharp as his first couple of throws were in danger of being picked off. Moore played a little better as the scrimmage went on, but didn’t look as sharp as I expected coming in to the game.

Overall the defense dominated the offense, as book ends Landon Brazile and Kevin Mouhon has a few meetings at the quarterback. I personally saw Brazile and Mouhon get two sacks a piece and I could be selling them short. The defensive backs competed all day as I personally saw Carter Jacobs (force a fumble), Alex Thomas (dropped two picks) and Tyrell Gilbert make two picks (one was called back because of penalty). Freshman Christian Angulo stopped multiple deep passes today.

Wide receivers Nate Cole, Brayden BeardJamil Kamara and Braxton Neal had some flash plays that stood out on offense. None of the plays more flashy then Neal’s over the shoulder catch by the goaline earlier in the scrimmage. I also like how freshman Marcel Paul and Jerron Rollins looked. They might not play a ton this year, but you can see the potential as far as the future for those guys.

Gunner Kiel hit Tion Green on a swing pass for a touchdown. Kiel led two touchdown drives today and looked pretty solid mostly working with the younger receivers. Running back Chad Banschbach had a solid scrimmage scoring two touchdowns.

Ross Trail threw an interception, but overall he was impressive he led a few drives that turned into field goals by Josh Pasley. Pasley only missed one field goal today, he had a solid scrimmage making three from distance (could’ve been four don’t judge me).

Moore took a snap under center today in a redzone situation, it was in I-Formation and it stood out to me because we haven’t seen Cincinnati do this in years.

The offense scored four touchdowns, three fields and the defense had countless sacks and caused at least five turnovers.

Overall I love how the defense is looking, on offense they will get better, but leaning on the running game will be a major key. The million dollar question is who will the starting quarterback be? We don’t have the answer yet my friend, but stay locked in to Bearcat Insider, when we find out you will know.

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