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Bearcat Insider spoke with junior offensive tackle Korey Cunningham

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with junior offensive tackle Korey Cunningham after the Bearcats practice #14 at Camp Higher Grounds. Check out what Cunningham had to say to BCI.

Bearcat Insider: So how is everything going so far in camp for you personally and the team?

Cunningham: For me personally it’s going pretty great. Coach Grimes came in and he is doing a great job with the offensive line with us up front and us all being on the same page as far as technique. That’s probably the biggest thing we need to work on the small things and everything else will fall into place.

Bearcat Insider: Offensively last season you guys were one of the top offenses in the American Athletic Conference in what ways do you want to duplicate that kind of success this year?

Cunningham: Well we want to do it again being one of the best offenses in the conference and nation. Our goal is to win our conference and go play a big bowl game and we got a chance to do that this year. So we definitely want to duplicate that success if not elevate it.

Bearcat Insider: Having solid running backs in Tion Green and Mike Boone in what ways do they help this offense and what impact do they really have?

Cunningham: They make the offensive line look great. Its fun having those guys behind us if we do our job the sky's the limit. Those guys are freaks of nature so it’s going to be great having them back there to making plays this year.

Bearcat Insider: With Zac Taylor as you’re new offensive coordinator, who has some experience in the NFL in what ways do you think he contributes to the success of this offense?

Cunningham: He is taking it to the next level. We are doing stuff on an NFL level and it’s making us smarter as football players. Last year things we would not have thought about coach Taylor has brought knowledge and it’s making us smarter as a team.

Bearcat Insider: For you personally Korey going into your junior season in what ways do you want to help this team win football games this year?

Cunningham: I just want to be that trustable guy on the offensive line and be held accountable for my team. Don’t give up any sacks I want to be that guy you can run behind on third and one down in the red zone or goal line. We know we can do that we have veterans like Deyshawn Bond and Ryan Leahy so we can definitely all contribute to helping the team win this year.

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