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BCI speaks with Cortez Broughton

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with sophomore defensive tackle Cortez Broughton. Broughton was a key piece to the defensive line as a freshman and he told BCI what he wants to improve on this season. Check out what he had to say.

Bearcat Insider: So how is everything so far in camp for you personally and the team?

Broughton: Personally I think everything is good just want to keep expanding my game. Team wise a lot of improvement just trying to get better each day that’s what it’s all about.

Bearcat Insider: Being out here at Camp Higher Ground how does it help you guys and does it carry over once the season starts?

Broughton: Higher Ground the reason I like it, well sometimes you don’t like it obviously, but I like it because you are away from campus away from distractions it’s just you and your team. And when it’s just the team it’s constant bonding we see each other every single day and you get tired of it sometimes, but it’s all good for the team building chemistry.

Bearcat Insider: Last season you tallied 26 tackles in what ways do you want to improve on your game?

Broughton: Towards the end of the season I started gaining a lot of weight so I wanted to lose some of that weight coming into this season. So I dropped 29 pounds and now I want to have an impact on the pass rush and get to the quarterback a lot more this year.

Bearcat Insider: Talk about having Alex Pace as a teammate and his impact?

Broughton: Playing with Pace is an unbelievable experience his leadership is beyond measurable. It’s one of the best I ever seen and he is not that big of a talking person, but when he talks everybody listens. He is very impactful to our football team.

Bearcat Insider: Defensively with a little over two weeks to the opener what’s the main aspect that you guys want to patch up before the season starts?

Broughton: Just being on the same page. Everybody knowing what to do and everybody doing their job we do that and we can have a success season defensively.

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