Wide receiver Jamil Kamara looking to make an impact offensively

Bearcat Insider was able to catch up with sophomore wide receiver Jamil Kamara following a recent practice. Kamara recently transferred to The University of Cincinnati and is really looking forward to this upcoming season. He spoke on his expectations for his team and himself and much more. Check out the full interview!

Bearcat Insider: How is everything going for you personally and for the team in camp so far?

Kamara: "Camp is going well we are trying to learn a new offense still, but everything is clicking
together. The team is getting better and we are just coming along at the right

Bearcat Insider: Offensively how do you feel about the direction the team is heading overall?

Kamara: "Offensively I think we are getting better every day. We came out a little slow at first but
we are getting better every day, the quarterbacks are doing better, offensive line
is doing better, and receivers are improving."

Bearcat Insider: You transferred from Virginia so what impressed you the most about Coach
Tuberville and the program he is trying to build here at Cincinnati?

Kamara: "What impressed me the most was the unity of the team. Everyone is close together
and how they make the team bond is great. Everyone is on the same page and having team chemistry is important to win games."

Bearcat Insider: What’s the biggest key for you guys to be successful this year?

Kamara: "Having energy, staying focused, the defense staying focused and not making mistakes on
the field on the defensive side. Also the offense staying focused, knowing the plays, catching
the ball consistently, and just playing the hardest we can. I think if we do those things we will be
successful this season."

Bearcat Insider: Personally with you being a sophomore in what ways did you want to
improve on your game during the offseason?

Kamara: "I worked a lot on learning the playbook. With us having a new offensive coordinator it
was important to learn the playbook for the team to have success. So that’s what I wanted to
focus on the most."

Bearcat Insider: What’s realistic expectations for the team this year?

Kamara: "We want to win our conference, so we are out here practicing hard. We have a good
offense and good defense so nothing less than winning our conference"

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